Classes and Courses

Each class is two hours long. In this time I can take you step by step through to a finished article. The courses are in series of 10 classes each one a project covering relevant skills which become more challenging as the course progresses.

Creative Beading Course

A fun and relaxing way to learn new skills using beads wire and chain. Starting with the simplest wire and bead flowers which can be worn individually as a broach or incorporated into a tiara or hair piece for a wedding. There is an introduction to chain and findings and guidance on the use of pliers.
In the second half of the course you will be introduction to silk thread, 'Nymo", tiger tail, clasps and crimps, peyote stitch, stringing beads and how to make your own findings.

Junky Jewellery

A creative and flexible course which introduces you to methods of reusing discarded jewellery and incorporating found objects. A 'swap box' can be provided for swaps, or for a small charge. This is a thrifty way to have fun explore new skills and make something to cherish forever

101 Things to do with an old Jumper

If the moths or the dog or your washing machine mistook your favorite jumper for dinner then do not despair no matter how damaged; there is always something wonderful you can make from what remains. A ten week course can introduce you to ten reincarnations and you can learn some useful skills along the way, including knitting, crochet, stitching and embroidery. A certain amount of salvaged woolens can be provided but please note my supply may be limited.

Courses can be undertaken privately - in your own home or at a private venue.
Prices start at £50 for a two hour session and up to ten students can be catered for at this price. The classes can be tailored for a broad range of ages and abilities. I have some experience with special needs and am C.R.B. checked.

For more details or information, please contact me.

Creative Beading, Junky Jewellery and 101 Things To Do With An Old Jumper are running from 19th September 2011 at Francis Xavier College. SW12 8EN. You can view my brochure and book yourself a place; on line at: