Sock Monkeys


Sock monkeys originated as a folk craft in America and are just what the name implies - monkeys made from socks. They've been around since the 1930s and were traditionally made from Red Heel socks. Mine however are usualy made from good old M&S socks, sort of what you would expect from the English version I suppose.

I've been making them for about 8 years, in which time they've developed from simple gingham dressed characters into the dandies and gentlewomen they are today. Now clothes are made from reused felted jumpers and other found objects.

How to get hold of them
My sock monkeys are available from some shops and craft fairs, but the most reliable source is direct from me. As I make them they'll appear in the gallery, but as each one is an individual I really only have them until they're sold. If there is one in particular that you like I can replicate it but only using available materials, so colours and details may change.

Individual sock monkeys are available for £45.00
See more of them in the gallery