Sock Dolls

After playing about with sock monkeys I started to see what else I could make and these are the result. Made with little girls in mind they remind me of the sort of dolls I used to handle as a kid. With removable clothes and style-able hair. Like all my products they are made from recycled woolens and fabrics.

Individual sock dolls are available for £45.00

Once you have a doll, additional outfits can be supplied. These are to my own design, but should you want something specific please get in touch and we can talk.


"Heir Loom Dolls"

These are dolls that I will create from a supplied drawing. It could be something you have doodled or your child may have drawn and they can make unique and surprising gifts or art works.

Prices from £50.00


Pipe Cleaner Dolls

These I make in order to illustrate something more enduring. The Chair is the typical shape of a 'Chippendale' and is covered in the pages of the Novel 'Mansfield Park' A novel about social comment and class by Jane Austen. It is covered in a matt varnish an has a hanger on the back so it can be displayed on your wall.The Doll is dressed in a crinolin made from a toile de Joi designed by David Gentleman illustrating the toil of French peasants rather than the usual opulance associated with this type of fabric.


Happy Endings to Shrunken Dreams

Grannie lovingly knitted a beautiful dress and socks from the finest alpaca. Unfortunately they found their way into the washing machine and reemerged 1/2 the original size. Luckily I was able to reunite heartbroken granddaughter with 'Borris' the Rabbit. All is well that ends well
I am happy to reinvent your old favorites so you too can have similar happy endings.

Prices from