Doll Projects

Once again an idea that originated from the States like the Sock Monkeys. These aren't creepy soul-less dolls made from kits, but individual artist made pieces full of character.

Each project consists of a group of ten people, each of whom make the beginnings of a doll leaving enough scope for the other nine participants to add to it. Each doll moves around all the participants in turn until it returns to its originator, complete. Every doll travels with a diary that records its evolution.

To date I have worked on three individual projects with a fourth under way and the output of each has been very different, depending on the artists involved. I'm looking for any galleries or exhibition spaces that might be interested in showing these unique dolls, so if you can help, or know anyone who can, please get in touch.

Some of the beauties that have emerged:

Doll projects, LondonDoll projects in London and the South EastArtist made dolls