Cardboard Toys

Over time I have made a variety of toys from cardboard including play houses, dolls houses, boats and toys. It's a bit like the next step on from the kids playing with a cardboard box, but these are painted and well finished!

They have proved to be very hard wearing and versatile and of course they are completely eco-friendly.

Below is a selection of items I have made but if there is something more specific you have in mind please get in touch. They are only available to order and price is on application.

CArdboard toys, play houses and castles by Jackie Parsons
This dolls House is ideal for ALL scales of furniture. The high ceilings allow easy access so that more than one child can play within it together.
There is just one in stock for £40 but you must live with in the London area and be able to pick it up yourself. (It fits neatly along the back seat of an average car.